Thursday, November 10, 2011



What is important to you when it comes to food?  Convenience, quality, price, environmental impact, etc.?  What about the upcoming holiday season?  What is important to you when you purchase a Christmas gift for a loved one?  Convenience, quality, price, environmental impact, etc.?  Are you beginning to see a theme here?
Do you know what ONE word describes all of the above?  Yes, you guessed it.  LOCAL!

When you support your local, homegrown business that provides locally produced products be it food, artisan gifts, or any other locally produced products you are giving back to your community, making a contribution to the environment, and supporting your neighbor, friend, or even a family member.   The benefits are many,


The benefits of buying local are numerous, the quality is outstanding, and the gift will be unique! 

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Michael and I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to EVERYONE who supported us throughout the 2011 growing season. 

We want to expressly thank all of our CSA customer's from Lake City, Red Wing, and Rochester.  To the restaurants who believe in us - Hope's Harvest, Rabbit's Bakery, and Zzest!  To our farm customer's!   To the families who allowed us to bless them with veg and to my niece, Lori, for delivering said food!  To ALL of the volunteers who gave of their time and energy this past summer - Paul, Theresa, Caryn and Garrit, Luke, Evan and Michelle, Anne, Jason, Erin, Scott, Nick, Mark and Erin, and Will!  To our granddaughter's Bella, Amaya, and Ellie who HAVE to work when they visit so they can play!  To my daughter, Tona, and son-in-law, Alberto, for supporting us and making sure the girls were able to visit during our crunch time!  To Michael's parent's, Bob and Bette, and his sister, Barb, for all the moral support!  Of course to our other family members and friends who were afraid to visit because they might have to work!  We appreciate the moral support from afar!  To everyone who has listened to us, visited the blog, visited the farm or touched our lives in some fashion - thank you!

We also would like to thank the wonderful groups of young, promising, hope filled individuals who visited the farm!  Some of them harvested and then dined on tomatoes and some of them assisted in putting the fields to rest for the winter.  We truly appreciate your efforts!

Finally, a huge thank you to Michael, my husband, who had to put up with a tired, intense, and grumpy wife for six months.  He often heard - "No honey, you can't harvest that.  We have to save it for our CSA customer's!"  "Honey, can you do this for me?"

The 2011 growing season was a challenge and another blessed year of learning and adventures! 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


This weekend!  Saturday, October 8, 2011, from 1pm to 5 pm at the historic Florence Town Hall, 33923 Highway 61 Blvd, Frontenac.  South of the Whistle Stop.

There will be displays by the following:
  • Goodhue County Sheriff's Department,
  • Goodhue Country Historical Society,
  • Goodhue County Public Health,
  • Florence Township Planning Commission,
  • Florence Heritage Preservation,
  • Florence Wizard's 4-H club, and
  • Author Ken Allsen will be in attendance!
You can help ID photos for Florence Township timeline and view family histories, photos, and artifacts from the Savage Family, the Wells family, the Witt family, and more. 

Township Historical Characters will be appearing and if you like Karaoke at 3:00 pm you can sing with Duane Earney!

Refreshments are being served!  Jump in your jalopy, get out, enjoy the weather,bump into your neighbor, and learn more about our glorious township - FLORENCE!!!